Shrimps in garlic sauce

The best Cuban Recipes and Cuban Food!One of my favorite shrimp recipes to make for any occasion! A tender and succulent shrimp dinner cooked in a garlic-infused oil sauce. So easy-to-make and delicious!
When I say Cuban mojo shrimp, you’re probably thinking of this super sexy and confident latino shrimp womanizer type, but in reality, I’m talking about a tangy, garlicky sauce made with sour oranges.

Pronounced MOH-hoh, mojo is the condiment most often used in Cuban cooking—it can be used as a marinade or a dipping sauce. (Note that while the name of the sauce is similar to that of the mojito cocktail, the two concoctions have no other similarities.) Mojos are always oil-based and always contain citrus juice. This recipe is for the version used as a dipping sauce; those used for marinades contain ground cumin and/or dried oregano. 


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